I’m Christine Castro Hughes, a designer, writer, and mother of two darling children. I also run a graphic design studio out of my charming, crooked craftsman house. Brunch is my blog. More »
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printable "we just fit" puzzle piece valentine

I don't believe in the "you complete me" idea of love, but I do believe that two people can just fit. And Rama and I, we just fit. So, this is the Valentine I am giving him this year: A simple but sweet heart-shaped puzzle that he can piece together.

I'm offering it as a free printable (link below). All you have to do is cut along the lines, then place the puzzle pieces in an envelope. I printed it out on the thickest card stock I had, but you can also print it on printer paper and glue to a thicker cardboard before cutting it out.

I've started stocking a little shop with more printables for purchase, like these fun hand-lettered and painted notes. (They come in art print sizes too, and you know that the bacon one is going up in my kitchen.) If you like that sort of thing, please check them out. If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know! I have a few plans up my sleeves for the coming months.

download & print the free printable valentine

visit my little printable shop


project peek: bright lab 

Jordan Ferney of the internet darling Oh Happy Day blog had a bright idea: To bring European style cotton string lights stateside. She approached me to designed an easy-on-the-eyes and fun-to-use e-commerce website for Bright Lab.

One of my favorite projects to date, the site has some cool features, like a top-to-bottom homepage slideshow and drag-and-drop tool to pick your own colors.

I am available for web design services. If you need help with branding or building a site for your shop, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

printable thank you notes for kids

I'm a big fan of the thank you note. Gratitude is something I try to practice daily, and that includes putting pen to paper whenever I can.

I am always looking for ways to inspire that same spirit in my kids, because I think it's important. So last weekend, I printed some easy to use thank you notes for the kids to send to all family and friends who spoiled us this Christmas.

Since Henry is learning to read and write, I created fill-in-the-blank notes. Maira is huge on stickers right now, so I made labels that she could combine with stickers on cards. Astrobrights card stock is my favorite paper for kid crafts, and I use Avery mailing labels for everything. 

Of course, getting the kids to write them is all about timing... and sometimes bribes. (Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Sure!) But I think it's worth it, and I know the kids are starting to get it.

Like that note up there addressed to Santa? That was all Henry's idea. When he reminded me that we had to write that one more note, I've gotta admit I beamed with pride.

download & print these cards | pair them with a2 envelopes 


summer, summer, summertime


The days are long, but the years are short. So goes one of my new favorite sayings. Life is zooming on by, and I am trying to figure out how to keep up with it—and this space—but for now, here's some artwork I whipped up for my latest mixed CD. 


my visit with ray

I spent the afternoon visiting my new friend, Ray. Ray Eames.

Well, OK, not really. But after an hour of oohing, ahhing, and beaming at her life's work at the exhibit Ray Eames: In the Spotlight, that's how I felt. 

I've long been a fan of the Eameses' work, but this was a look into Ray's world I hadn't seen before. 

Paper dolls and high school homework. Fashion sketches and lettering details. Favorite outfits and family photos. Exploring every corner of the show, I felt more and more kindred with someone I had come to think of only as a hero. 

Yes, Ray was a smart, talented, and influential designer. But she was also a young girl with a love of color and an eye for fashion. She was a woman who fell in love at art school. She was a mom to a daughter, the apple of her eye. She was pretty cool, and I'm so glad I got to know her a little bit better.